Welcoming Sandee Kastrul to JOLT

We are excited to welcome Sandee Katrul to JOLT this week, all the way from Chicago! Sandee will host a two-hour session focusing on leadership and development.

 Sandee Kastrul is president and co-founder of i.c.stars, an innovative nonprofit leadership and technology training program founded in 1999 to prepare inner-city adults for technology careers and community leadership.

Prior to i.c.stars Sandee’s experience as an educator, diversity trainer, educational consultant and a performing artist drew her creative talents to the fore. Her accomplishments include designing a comprehensive science and civics interactive program for GED students at Jobs for Youth, implementing a professional development program with Harold Washington College Career Center, developing experiential learning modules for over 70 schools and creating artist in residency programs as well as training artists to work in classrooms for arts organizations. Follow Sandee on twitter – @SandeeKatrul