Monthly Archives: April 2013

Why Netflix is a great role model for Stylekick

At JOLT, we were asked to think about companies we aspire to be like and the reasons why they became so successful. Netflix is a company we look up to at Stylekick, as they are all about bold and disruptive innovation….

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Welcoming Sandee Kastrul to JOLT

We are excited to welcome Sandee Katrul to JOLT this week, all the way from Chicago! Sandee will host a two-hour session focusing on leadership and development.  Sandee Kastrul is president and co-founder of i.c.stars, an innovative nonprofit leadership and technology training program…

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Startup pushes technology envelope for athletes

This series follows this year’s cohort of JOLT, an early-stage accelerator program at MaRS Discovery District dedicated to building high-growth web and mobile startups that promise to transform the way consumers and businesses interact with technology. This week, PUSH learns…

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