A little thing called gravity

The big push within ShelfLife leading up to JOLT Demo Day is to build out our user base. A huge part of that process is imbuing our site with what we like to refer to as “gravity.” Gravity is more than just ensuring that your site is sticky. It’s about making it so useful that it’s hard to leave and hard to imagine using anything else. In essence, we have to give our users everything they need all in one place. For collectors this means tying together the best elements of collectibles, great collection management tools, a next generation marketplace and the social tools that allow them to share information with their peers.

A huge part of our social strategy revolves around two new function sets we are launching on Demo Day: Collector Score and Collector Dashboard. The Dashboard is the centre of each collector’s universe, summarizing their Haves and Wants and Sales while providing public profile tools, slick image galleries and helpful infographics representing their collection stats.

Collector Score borrows a page from the Klout playbook to reward our users for on site activity with Collector Points that unlock discounts and access to exclusive collectibles along with badges. The catch is that the score is real-time and based on the last 90 days, so collectors need to keep active to keep their benefits.

Building a social commerce site with the ability to go viral is delicate chemistry but we’re working hard every day to find the balance and make our users the happiest in the fandom.