About JOLT

Solving meaningful problems through technology.

We’re experienced entrepreneurs and company builders looking to support and invest in Canada’s most passionate innovators.

We invest in great ideas that leverage technology to improve the way people live, learn, work and play.

From the everyday essentials to the bigger, more strategic fundamentals, we couple our resources with a team of expert advisors to help our founders accelerate their routes to success.

Key metrics

Since our launch in July 2012, our companies have reached a few notable funding milestones.  At December 31, 2014, the JOLT Fund has invested in 23 companies that have successfully raised $11.3 million of financing from the following sources of capital: 61% from angel investors; 19% from seed funds; 12% from loan programs; and, 8% from government grants.

How We Build at JOLT

01. Think big, with meaning and eyes wide open.

While focus is an absolute necessity for early stage startups, big-picture thinking can be a powerful weapon. At JOLT, we challenge our founders to let go of focus for a period of time to allow bigger picture thinking.

02. Work smart, then hard - together.

You can't know everything. Big problems are beyond the reach of any individual or industry. Our program is rooted in constant learning and collaboration. We embrace experimentation, rapid prototyping and fast failures - learning and iterating as a team every single day.

03. Be patient but persistent.

The “Aha” moment isn’t always so sudden. The most dramatic innovations of modern times were not overnight epiphanies. While innovation cycles are getting faster, companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook took years to build and reach their level of success. Sometimes you need to slow down to get it just right.

04. It's just the beginning.

The practice of building a company never stops. JOLT may be only six months, but our commitment to our founders is long-term. Upon completing the program, startups get fully integrated into MaRS' information technology, communication and entertainment (ICE) practice.


The JOLT Fund LP provides program participants with seed capital while generating a market-rate return for its limited partners. Featuring representation from all areas of the MaRS community, the JOLT Fund limited partners bring a broad range of experience and a passion for accelerating company development through a combination of capital and mentoring support.

Our limited partners include volunteer mentors and advisors, the MaRS board of directors, angel investors, corporate partners and the founders of our client companies, many of whom have enjoyed successful exits of their businesses.

The JOLT Fund LP is managed by two volunteer general partners: Barry Gekiere and Kerri Golden, each with vast experience in venture capital fund management and building successful early-stage businesses. Providing expert oversight on the Fund's activities are: Ilse Treurnicht, MaRS CEO; Jim Meenan, Senior MaRS Advisor and Grace Lee Reynolds, MaRS Director of Finance.

If you're interested in learning more about becoming an investor in the JOLT Fund LP, please contact Kerri Golden - kgolden@marsdd.com.