Announcing our Fall 2013 cohort!

Tackling everything from atmospheric modeling to native mobile app development, here is the group of companies that make up the newest JOLT cohort:

Cumulonimbus: Cumulonimbus crowdsources live atmosphere data using sensors in Android devices with pressureNET, our open platform for sensor data collection.

LaunchPad: LaunchPad fundamentally improves how mobile apps are built and managed by integrating directly into mobile apps and allowing all team members including designers, copy writers and legal to simultaneously control their part of a mobile app.

Raise Your Flag: Raise Your Flag helps students who aren’t going to university or college explore careers that don’t require a degree or diploma and create career plans to gain meaningful employment.

Turnstyle Solutions: Turnstyle uses cutting-edge technology to provide businesses an unprecedented understanding of their customer behaviour.

xTouch: xTouch’s technology enables virtually ever surface to be touch-sensitive by simply placing a mobile device on it, only requiring a single microphone for detecting and localizing taps on a surface.