Atmosphere Intelligence Company Launches Exclusive Developer Program for Cutting-Edge App

PressureNet seeks 10 founding developers for social weather data platform

Toronto, CanadaNovember 13, 2014 – PressureNet today announces its exclusive Founding Developer program today for its app, PressureNet. The peer-to-peer weather forecasting and data platform seeks 10 experienced developers to join its exclusive group. PressureNet is an atmosphere data and software intelligence company with a mission to dramatically improve weather and climate forecasting.

“As we further built-out our app, we want to invite just a handful of top-notch developers to work with us on this scientific app,” said Jacob Sheehy, CEO and Co-Founder of PressureNet. “Since we will be choosing just 10 people to be part of our Founding Developers program, this will be a great opportunity for developers to showcase their skills and gain recognition in the community.”

Utilizing smart phone sensors to garner data and create better forecasts, the PressureNet app developers will build one of the largest live atmosphere observation networks in the world. Developers will help create an open source iOS PressureNet SDK, which will be used to develop the weather apps for iPhones and iPads. Chosen developers will also write code to collect sensor data, visualize weather patterns and innovate how weather forecasts are developed.

Interested developers can apply online here. PressureNet will review applications and announce the exclusive group of developers on November 25, 2014. The winners will be denoted as PressureNet Founding Developers and will be recognized in all PressureNet marketing and publicity efforts.

About PressureNet: Based in Toronto, Canada, PressureNet was founded by Jacob Sheehy, CEO, Phil Jones, Chief Creative, and Jared Kerim, CTO. The Founders started this company three years ago in October 2011. PressureNet uses new software tools and connected atmosphere sensors to build this high-resolution data collection system for the Earth.

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