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SilverDart Learning develops game-based mobile apps for high school math and science curriculums. We provide curriculum-based education content in an app gaming environment that is both familiar and engaging to students. Students can download, practice and learn 24/7.
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Peekapak aims to radically improve learning outcomes in early childhood by creating storytelling kits that spark a child's creativity and imagination, enabling parents to work with teachers as partners in their child's education.
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Raise Your Flag is the best way for companies to attract, recruit and retain young, entry-level employees for non-degree positions.
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Singspiel is like a virtual music teacher that provides you realtime feedback on how you play. Using our product, students can self-sufficiently develop their performance, aural and theory skills in music.
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eProf allows educators and business owners to easily build online classes and courses, invite students, collect payments, teach in real time, and get feedback on one streamlined platform.