Fit solution isn’t all sewed up but we’re working on it

Before we were the Stylekick team, we were a bunch of online shopping addicts living in the United States. It’s easy to be enamored by Amazon Prime and the pervasiveness of free and fast shipping for basically anything you want to buy. And buy we did — everything from TVs to hand soap. We acted as Amazon mules for our friends back home looking for things they couldn’t get in Canada.

With the exception of clothes, there was little uncertainty about the purchases. But with clothes, there were often surprises — jeans were too tight, or too short; shirts were a bit too baggy and the like.  One particular rugby shirt, bought from GILT Groupe, shown on a six-foot tall model, ended up just below the naval on our six-foot tall co-founder.

The idea for Stylekick took shape on a tour of MIT CSAIL amid a backdrop of devices using the Microsoft Kinect sensor to map 3D images of rooms and a bunch of other neat things. It seemed a perfect way to build a body scanner to use to solve the fit problem with buying clothing online. We built a body-scanner. It turned out to be a terrible idea (the why is a whole other post). Thankfully, we’re now on to something that is much simpler and is entirely data-driven.

The team left jobs in finance, fashion and nutrition to build what we believe is a novel solution to a set of problems that have plagued apparel e-commerce for a long, long time. We’re excited to be part of the current JOLT cohort, and for those of you following us, to have you be part of our story as we disrupt apparel e-commerce!