An accelerator helped us, well, sing

Starting a business all on your own isn’t easy. As the founder of an early-stage startup, not only must you find the strength to resist doubting your eventual success, but you must also find the drive to seek out what is invisible to most. The entire journey is filled with challenges and uncertainties. As an entrepreneur, you must become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Everyday that you wake up and go to work, you have a decision to make which can essentially affect your entire business. Whether it’s determining which features you’re going to include in your product, deciding how you’re going to price your product, or figuring out who you’re going to hire for a task, it seems at times you find yourself looking for an instruction manual. Entrepreneurship is a lonely business, and going through an accelerator program can be a defining moment for your business.

JOLT has been like the instruction manual for Singspiel: It empowers us with the tools and support we need to make better business decisions. It also affords us the unique experience of connecting with and learning from world-class entrepreneurs who have had their own success stories. On the business development side it provides us with the vision on how to execute on our business plans and grow Singspiel. Along with the educational aspects, the recognition we received because of being a part of JOLT, immensely helped our fundraising.

If I were to offer any advice for companies interested in applying to the program, it would be that you should determine where exactly you want your business to be on Demo Day. Whether it is your product launch date or hitting a specific metrics, it is absolutely critical to set  milestones. That allows you to work backwards and determine what resources and introduction you need at every stage, as well as measuring your progress.