No challenge seemed too tough

Of all the challenges the team at PUSH faced along the way and the difficult decisions to be made, none stand out as being the toughest. As long as you deliberate, discuss, and reach a consensus within the team on big decisions moving forward, no decision seems too tough to solve.

Looking ahead, I can see situations where some really tough decisions will have to be made but as of now, we’re keeping our momentum and pushing forward (no pun intended).

One difficult decision we’ve faced was to how to structure our first deal and negotiate with our first angel investor. It was a tough one for us because our technically strong team is relatively new to the investor world.

However, with the help of our JOLT advisors and mentors, we managed to wrap our heads around the decisions that need to be made and we reached a consensus that met our needs and those of our investors.

The JOLT mentor support system has been a great asset to us and we’re utilizing the experts to help us on our journey to launch our product in time for demo day.