PUSH Advisors: Keep Pushing

Our mentor team consists of Jared Gordon, Kerri Golden, Bill Wignall and Tomer Strolight, as well as the awesome JOLT advisory team. Jared Gordon is over at the Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF) and his expertise on the investor side has been extremely helpful to our team, it also doesn’t hurt that he works out and understands the problem we’re trying to solve.

The most radical advice received so far was from Round 13 Capital’s Scott Pelton (introduced to us through Jared). We were discussing financial forecasting and figuring out ways to gauge the size of some of our competitors (some are private and it’s tough to get data on their size). He suggested we street view their office and try to estimate how many people could fit in it. After the meeting, I ran back to our space and spent 20 minutes on Google street view scoping out the competition.

When PUSH has a specific ask from our advisors, we usually just shoot them an email and they’ve been great at responding quickly with an answer. For example, I had questions about our financial plan, so I sent Jared an email, and he responded almost instantly with the answers.