JOLT Week two: mentors, mentors, mentors!

Week two of JOLT is a wrap!

Here are this week’s highlights:


We hosted our very first Mentor Mash event with over 50 mentors + 15 founders at MaRS on Tuesday July 17th. Check out the full blog post here.


Experienced Venture Capitalist & investor Ash Maurya (below) flew in from Texas, and ran an exclusive workshop & one-on-one sessions with each company. His presentation focused on Customer Development, Product/Market Fit and a high level view of the Lean Model.

We had Mark Evans, a successful VC from Balderton Capital (and one of JOLT’s investors) join us for an informal session to meet the JOLT cohort.
We also had our very first founder’s lunch, and a special workshop from the coveted Market Intelligence team at MaRS.
Great second week everyone!
~ Jennifer