Reshaping kitchen sink approach to pitch pays off

Our pitch has changed tremendously since we joined the program. Although our team has had a lot of academic training for presentation skills prior to the JOLT program, we have learned many valuable lessons since. Perhaps the best lessons we learned were from Peter Evans, CEO of SpeakerFile who gave us a great lecture on pitch fundamentals. He helped us reshape our kitchen sink approach of pitching (of including every minute detail) to a much more purposeful pitch.

Our pitch has transformed from touching on the points that we want to talk about to hammering home the facts that are important to investors. Now, we have a much more succinct story by following Mr. Evan’s approach: 1) the problem, 2) the solution, 3) customer value, 4) market opportunity, 5) unique advantage, and 6) the ask.

The challenge we are facing is how to squeeze all of these important points into a very short pitch. This past week, we were fortunate enough to pitch to Mantella VP who provided us with tremendous feedback: we covered everything except our product’s unique advantage – which is essential in any great pitch. We are grateful for their feedback and know how to further develop our pitch; and at the same time, we are excited because‘s unique advantages are something we are very familiar with. We just need to make sure we convey them clearly.

We look forward to the next time we get to pitch, and we’re confident we’ll nail it.