Saul Colt’s tips on word of mouth marketing


Last week we had a great session with Saul Colt, self-proclaimed “Mayor of Twitter, Internet’s Head of Magic + Graduate of Handsome Boy Modelling School”.

As you can tell from his twitter bio, Saul certainly has a  great sense of humour.

He is also one of the most creative people I have met and had some excellent tips for startups looking form word of mouth marketing with little-to-no budget:

1. Be Creative

When you’re creative, never throw out any ‘dumb ideas’. Double and triple down on an idea until it doesn’t work anymore.

2. Let others do the talking

“Not everyone can use your product, but everyone can talk about your product”. Don’t have a long feature/benefits conversation, get people talking about your company, they in turn will sell your company for you.

3. Take giant risks within reasonability

The trick is to gain positive attention. All ideas (and content) must make people laugh, think and cry. The easiest way to do this is through pop culture”.

4. When you have a limited budget, pick a goal.

You want everyone to know you’re doing things. Force people to ask questions, make them scratch their heads.

Thanks again to Saul for such a great session!