Taking the frustration out of travel, one step at a time

Modern travel is an interesting proposition. There are those of us who feel utterly at home piercing the cultural divide, who hop a plane on a whim simply to push the possibility of experience that much further.

However, most people painstakingly research their travels, agonize over cost/benefit of this beach versus that metropolis, and come face to face with a harsh reality. For an endeavour that’s meant to give us a little break from our day-to-day lives, going on vacation can be frustrating. Not the pre-burn sunbathing hours, or the extensive research into the world of foreign architecture and cocktails, but the steps leading up to them.

The hours researching destinations, hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, etc. Each of which seem to require separate blogs, apps and magazines. It sometimes feels as though it takes as long to research a trip as the time you have away. According to statistics, people browse an average of 22 resources for a weekend away, which is a pretty serious investment of time.

Travel is innately aspirational. It’s about escaping, or augmenting, the day-to-day grind. But aspiration requires inspiration, which is where we come in. Flee’s team is made up of dedicated, wanderlustful travellers. We’re those people who get miscellaneous emails from friends asking where to go in Thailand for a properly quiet beach week (Koh Lipe, in case you’re wondering). Our three person team’s backgrounds combine technological, financial, and creative training. We have combined experience in corporate communications in the hospitality industry, travel editor for multiple international publications, and IT specialist for a major University. We’re from three separate continents, have lived in a dozen countries and have visited five or six dozen more.

Instead of going to New York or Los Angeles again, there are a host of amazing places to discover. Why queue four hours at the NYMOMA when the magnificent Walker Art Centre is waiting to be discovered? Why choose a package tour to the Dominican Republic when the laid-back sandy surf of Montauk is a stones throw from the Hamptons?

Flee is a travel recommendation application that combines a streamlined booking process with highly curated original content. Flee cuts through the convoluted online travel booking process, allowing users to spend less time researching, and more time experiencing.

It requires users to do nothing more taxing than provide a flight budget and the dates they would like to get away. The rest is taken care of. Flee recommends destinations you probably wouldn’t have thought of, a host of venues so you can get straight to enjoying yourself, and even lets you book your hotels and flights within the application.

There’s an inevitable shift coming in the way we travel, and the way we research and book it. To paraphrase the poet Rene Ricard, “We’ve seen something, then seen something else, thrown ourselves on the dance floor, then gone on to dance another way.”