Tech firm with sustainability goals goes to ‘startup school’

In the first of a series that will follow the first cohort of JOLT, FP Entrepreneur looks at how Greengage Mobile is handling new big clients while servicing existing ones. JOLT is an early-stage accelerator program at MaRS Discovery District. It is dedicated to building high-growth web and mobile startups that promise to transform the way consumers and businesses interact with technology.

It’s a huge breakthrough for a startup when its concept grabs the attention of major enterprise customers. But when the company is in early-stage mode, it’s not so easy for its founders to juggle the demands of business growth, product development and customers’ day-to-day needs.

For Greengage Mobile co-founders Lindsey Goodchild and Dessy Daskalov, coming up with a marketable product was the least of their problems. Their mobile platform for helping companies achieve their corporate sustainability goals was a winner from the start. The Toronto-based startup has already landed four major clients who are set to go live in September.

The points-based employee engagement system for smartphones is a natural fit for corporations with big sustainability agendas. The co-founders may have had corporate sustainability and software development expertise between them; but it was the business logistics that needed work, Ms. Goodchild admits. “While I have strong expertise in sustainability and Dessy in technology, running your own business is so different. There are so many things to be considered and it has to be done in the right order.”