Think with your eyes

After a few months of development, design, testing, and repeating, Venngage has opened up from a closed, handpicked beta to an open beta program. The road that we took to get here was far from a straight line, but we have created a product that we’re very proud of, and we feel is ready for the market.

When we entered the Jolt accelerator back in July, we were in a completely different space. Venngage was a way for content marketers to produce infographics without the hassle and high costs associated with hiring a graphic designer. What we found was the people who kept using Venngage weren’t producing infographics for marketing purposes, but rather internal reporting.

We decided to pivot, and have Venngage focus exclusively on being an analytics and reporting tool. The decision to pivot is never easy, it means abandoning traction and momentum that you have built up and starting from scratch. We changed our logo, our website, even the design of our platform to make us more friendly for people putting together reports.

As we rebuilt our platform, we also rebuilt our launch strategy. As we launch this month, the most important thing for us is getting the word out and getting users signed up. We don’t just want to get the word out that Venngage is launching, but also let everyone know  we aren’t just an infographics creation platform, but rather a way for marketers to analyze and report the numbers that matter most.

Getting users signed up for Venngage is more complicated than just getting a large volume of users. We want to show traction on our demo day and hit our goal of 10K users signed up, but more than that we want users engaged. We want users that are creating at least one report a month and sharing them with their team members.