True sports fans know what they like, and we listened was asked: “How instrumental has user experience; user interface been in your product development?”

We are fortunate in that we have a core group of über sports fans who have been testing our product and providing invaluable feedback. has evolved through numerous iterations in the past year, a direct result from the feedback we’ve received. The group of core users has grown through time.

There is a lot of interest in and we are excited to include our end users in the development process, which we feel is absolutely crucial in building a successful product. By letting us know what they like and don’t like, we can prioritize the features our users will see in the end product. User acquisition is based on user experience, if we don’t wow our users straight out of the gate, they may not return.

The challenge was always balancing what we as founders want in the product, and what our über sports fans want. For example, we initially had 70 to 80 features we hoped to implement, but after listening to 100+ initial users, we narrowed the focus down to a short list of core features those fans will need. We realize focus is a choice and that for now we need to keep it simple and add features as time goes on.

By keeping our end users in the loop and including their input, we are confident we are delivering exactly what they’re looking for — the ultimate sports social network.